V-Kool Window Film

V-Kool is a revolutionary window-coating film which offers the best optimum solution to the problems that cars and buildings face from intense Malaysian heat and sun. This multi accolades was initially developed for the United States Air Force and NASA respectively by Southwall Technologies Inc. V-Kool films have a special optically coated material which selectively absorb, reflect and transmit specific ranges of electromagnetic radiation or in laymen terms, V-Kool have a visible-light transmission of 73% and rejects 94% of the heat carrying infra-red.

The technology behind V-KOOL’s revolutionary performance is in a complex process of embedding multiple stacks of heat reflecting precious metals. The super clear substrate is embedded with atomic layers of Gold, Silver and Indium Oxide. This complex process gives V-KOOL its amazing heat reflection qualities without looking reflective or dark. V-KOOL is made of precious metal – Gold, Silver and Indium Oxide. Gold is used to fortify the metals for extended durability. Silver and Indium Oxide create superior heat rejection performance while keeping the film highly transparent.

When applied to the windows of your car, V-KOOL forms a virtually transparent, protective barrier against the sun’s heat. Independent testing shows that V-KOOL actually screens out 96% of scorching infra-red radiation and 99% of harmful ultraviolet light, the radiation that causes skin and eye damage. V-KOOL films work by reflecting heat rather than absorbing heat. Heat absorbing films can cause intensive heat build-up in the car / house due to re-radiated heat and thermal stress onto the glass can result in glass breakage or cracks.

V-KOOL coating helps to lower temperatures quickly at start up, allowing the passenger cabin to cool faster. You cruise in comfort, subjecting your air conditioner to less strain and improving fuel efficiency. V-KOOL also protects expensive upholstery and audio equipment by shielding it from destructive heat and high ultraviolet levels.

V-KOOL™ Film Specification