Why Us

Guaranteed Workmanship

Your car handled by experienced tint installer. We have over 20 years of car window tinting installing experience. Each of our tint technician have years of years so you can count on us for the window tinting installation and door panel installation and dismantle.


Original Window Film Warranty

We are confident in all of our products and value customers’ trust and confidence towards our company. We provide full warranty covers film defects, bubble, color fading etc.

Authorized Branded Window Film Applicator

No worries on fake branded film. Nowadays, there are fake window films circulated in the market. We are authorised film dealer. Comes with original e-warranty certificates.


Professional Window Film Advisor

We understand not every customer has enough understanding towards window film specifications like TSER, VLT etc. Our well-trained window film advisor are ready to assist and advise you based on your window film preferences ,needs and budget. We also provide competitive pricing to ensure customers enjoy high quality tint benefits.

Don’t compromise on the protective features of a solar & safety tint. Contact us today to find out more on the benefits of good quality window film.